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Glisse teaser: The Swiss chapter.

Filming for Glisse continues.
This time in the Swiss mountains with TWL team riders Edoardo and Leoluca.




Tristan David



A present from us to you!
One Love Mixtape #2 by the Amazingaijin


Amazinggaijin - one love mixtape #2 (exclu twl) by weareTWL



Arthur Rimbaud Collège
Le début d'un nouveau projet.
The beginning of a new project.
Tristan DAVID


Daphne Guinness at FIT, New York.

When I was a little girl my mother would take me to Liberty of London every Christmas.

This is the only feeling I can compare to the exhibition of Daphne Guinness’ personal collection currently displayed at the FIT museum in New York City.

The collection of fashion is less revered than other art perhaps because it is so personal. Moulded to the skin of the collector and rarely displayed in museums, it may seem a vain and selfish endeavour to collect pieces for your own personal style.

However anyone who has been on a fashion shoot will know the time, money, blood, sweat and tears that go into creating a person perfect for just one frame. And I hope anyone reading this has experienced the power that that one frame can have.

This exhibition shows how Daphne Guinness has devoted her self to being this perfect frame in every moment of her life.

This collection is easily a Mecca for pieces of fantasy – the Gareth Pugh suit of nail studded leather, the almost impossibly converted Nina Ricci boots – and of dramatic, indulgent elegance – the Karl Lagerfeld black satin gown with the crystal dipped back and train. But it’s greatest strength is as a tribute to startling and perfectly executed everyday style.

Daphne Guinness’ own design of a cotton day dress with ribbon neck detailing in the perfect shade of pale grey shows Ms Guinness as an icon of nothing so rare as good taste.

We live in a time of spectacular designers who are executing incredibly their ability to create shocking, freeing and bizarre pieces. However it is unfortunate that we also live in a time when so many wearers of these pieces seem as though they are dressing up as either a circus freak or prostitute in order to wear them. Daphne Guinness’ outfit of an Alexander Mcqueen bra and harness of beaten leather worn over a classic longline Alaïa shirt and leggings is a shining example of how to wear these astonishing pieces without becoming a pastiche. Guinness says that she doesn’t “do event dressing, because every day is an event”, and here we see her clear ability to use even the most controversial pieces as part of every day elegance.

Guinness speaks in her films within the exhibition of the ability of clothes to create different characters. The different areas of the exhibition guide the viewer through her various dispositions – from leather clad, spiked and armoured provocateur to grey curled, Edwardian inspired dandy. It is refreshing that the strength of these does not come from their shock value but from Guinness openness in showing them as a reflection of herself. From the “cross dressing in Shakespeare” as the roots of her dandyism to her exotic rebellion against the “beige…Mao uniform” of fashion today, they are clearly a reflection of Guinness’ passions and ideas. In a fashion world where so many are shouting so loudly to be heard, Daphne Guinness shows that it is content and not the volume that is important.

If there is anything to be showcased more it is intelligent women and we are lucky in fashion to have so many. The exhibition of Daphne Guinness proves through her form of self expression, she is the cream of this exemplary crop.

- Rose Lander


FIAC 2011

Jusqu'à présent j'ai trouvé ça difficile d'écrire cet article.
Je n'ai pas été inspiré par cette grande manifestation globalement reconnue.
Aucune oeuvre ne m'a laissé sidéré.

Cette année, quand je penses à la FIAC je penses au mot 'terne'.
Serait-ce les répercussions de la crise financière?
Les galeries ont pris moins de risques comparé à l'édition précédente, les valeurs sûres ont été exposées, comme d'habitude.
Je me suis concentré sur le médium qui m'intéresse le plus: la photographie. Car les photos exposées étaient intéressantes par leur fond et leur forme. Il y avait du beau tirage noir et blanc relativement petit, ainsi que des grands formats en couleurs exceptionnels.
Malheureusement la photographie ne représente qu'environ 10% des médiums exposés.


Robert Mapplethorpe

Nan Goldin

Mitch Epstein

Jeff Wall

André Kertész

Mikhael Subotzky

Keith Haring

Thomas Struth

Damien Hirst

Rineke Dijkstra

Hans Peter Feldmann

Ryan Gander

Collier Schorr

Sam Taylor-Wood

Diane Arbus

Wolfgang Tillmans

Charles Fréger

Hans-Christian Schink

La plus belle oeuvre à la FIAC était sans aucun doute la verrière du Grand Palais.

Je donne cinq étoiles TWL au service voiturier FIAC:

Merci: Mathilde chez Claudine Colin Communication et Edouard Mazel.

-Nick Quine